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Our Story

"Being a wine enthusiast and a collector of fine & rare wines myself, I wanted to create a unique community to share my love and passion with like minded people. Our members do not only love wines, they want to experience the genesis of them in a sophisticated and hedonistic way. By creating Melchior in 2018, I started the journey to fulfill my vision of Melchior becoming the reference bridge between the best domaines in the world and the most discerning collectors. Providing access to the finest vineyards, enjoying wines in the world's most inspirational places with incredible people, has brought me so much joy and pride. Today, The Melchior Club is a lot more than a gathering of wine enthusiasts, it is a way of life."

Philippe Kalmbach

CEO - The Melchior Club

Powered by Wine Source, a wine company Established in 2009, by Philippe Kalmbach, which specialises in sourcing wines of exceptional quality straight from exclusive producers.

Melchior was born in 2018, as a coterie made of wine lovers and like-minded individuals from diverse and eclectic backgrounds where the passion for socialising around fine wines and rare spirits is at its core.

We stand out from other wine organisations by bringing our members closer to the source of their true passion: Vineyards, Terroirs, Cellars and closer to the main actors of the world of fine wines: Producers, Chateaux, Domaines, Sommeliers, Oenologists, Master Sommeliers and Master of Wines.

Melchior is young yet is already firmly rooted in the world of wines, a world made of ancestral traditions.

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The Team


Philippe Kalmbach

CEO & Founder

Philippe Kalmbach, CEO of Wine Source and the Founder Melchior Club has a background in tech and a huge passion for wine. He founded Wine Source Group and the Wine Source Fund to provide exceptional service and expertise. With a distinguished career spanning various industries, including executive roles at Polaroid and Kodak, Philippe brings a wealth of experience to the world of fine wines.

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Thomas Lambert

Managing Director of the USA and Global Commercial Director for the group

Thomas has had an impressive history on the business front. He was the founder and CEO of Selective Origin in Paris. He was also CEO of M. Chapoutier in Australia. He was the MD of Vranken Estates, a subsidiary of Vranken-Pommery Monople in the UK, covering UK, Canada, and HK, and the executive vice president of Vranken-Pommery American.



Annual Membership fee (non refundable) - to be communicated upon contact


Minimum wine spend of €50,000 per year


Prior right of purchase of every new wine release and allocations from top wine properties


Annual invitation to one exclusive, gala money-can't-buy event or trip arranged in a wine region by Wine Source 


Prior right of purchase of attendance at multiple dinners and events arranged in Paris and London at a preferential rate for Melchior Grand Cru members; bring a guest at full price


Access to Melchior Grand Cru’s "home", Ladbroke Hall in London, for events, gallery previews and more


Bespoke cellaring advice


We keep you informed with the latest wine and lifestyle news and gossip with the Melchior Magazine and regular newsletters

Membership Enquiry

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