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Past Experiences

White Truffles Trip in Alba

Melchior Club plotted a fine itinerary for this first journey to Italy, deciding to visit during what might be the very best season of the year. The snowy Alps framed the hills and set off the glorious autumnal colours in a spectrum of shades, and, in the forests and vineyards, the hard work of the gathering of the region’s precious treasures – white truffle and grapes – was just coming to an end.


Full of anticipation, the arrival in the old city of Alba just before the time of the Fiera Internazionale Tartufo Bianco d'Alba (the International White Truffle Fair), during the peak of the season for this rare and special delicacy, and, of course, for the world class wines that accompany it. Excellent wine and food can be found all over Italy in various styles and guises; Alba plays a leading role – together with Bergamo and Parma – as one of the three Italian UNESCO Creative Cities for Gastronomy. But it is the white truffle that makes Alba unique as a destination of sensual pleasure.

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